Swimming pool maintenance is important for your family's health

Swimming Pool Maintenance & Repairs

Swimming pool maintenance is important for your family’s health, but also so you don’t get complaints from the neighbours about the smelly green pond in your yard! With threats like structural damage, deterioration of plastics and water leakage, cleaning and maintenance of your swimming pool is important. Handyman can help you to finish the maintenance of swimming pool.

It’s not all about chemicals, although maintaining the right level of chlorine in the pool is important. From collecting leaves and debris to making sure that the pool is safely fenced off from small children, there is a huge range of tricks, tools and products to keep your pool in better shape. Of course, you can clean the pool yourself with one of those back-breaking pole suction systems that never seemed to work in the Seventies (and probably still don’t). Or you can employ someone to come and clean your pool for you, which means that all those chemicals, machines and skimmers are someone else’s problem.

How do you find a pool cleaner or repairer? Most swimming pool supply shops have cleaning and maintenance connections, where they can arrange for a pool cleaner to visit you. They’ll also check to see if it is operating correctly and do maintenance. Or you may find that pool cleaners advertise their services directly and so you can get online and start looking. There are serious repairs to pools that involve concrete cracking and leakage that you will need to get advice on immediately. A pool repairer should have completed a certificate course and/or completed training with a licensed pool repairer.

From resurfacing of fibreglass pools to repainting and tiling concrete ones, plus water health monitoring – there’s more to pool maintenance and repair than you think. Handing over all that responsibility to an experienced tradesperson means you can enjoy the water without the worries.