Do you require a specialised pool fencing tradesman to make repairs to your existing pool fencing in Brisbane northside or southside? We provide a full range of pool fence services including repairs, maintenance and installations at the most cost-effective point without compromising on quality. Our experienced handyman have over 15 years experience in the pool fencing industry and is continually liaising with many pool Inspectors at various job sites. If you have a difficult yard or pool to fence, they will be sure to find a solution that fits both your budget and is also visually pleasing.

Why do you need to install pool fence?

If you are selling or leasing your property with a pool, you are required to obtain a pool safety certificate “Form 23“.
All pool owners must ensure their pool complies with the current pool safety standard.
Your pool must also be registered. Failing to register your pool can result in an on the spot fine of $200 or a maximum penalty of up to $2000. To register your pool, go to
If a pool certifier has already come to inspect your pool and it has failed compliance, we can give you a quick free quote via email or phone for the repair work to get the pool complied as soon as possible.
If your real estate agent or solicitor has asked for a “Form 23″ and you don’t have one, you need to contact a licensed pool certifier to inspect your pool and have it complied.


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