Are you looking for floor sanding services in Brisbane as your wooden floor looking worn and forlorn and need to be sanded and polished?Then it’s time for you to do some treatment for them.

Even though there are many floor sanders in Brisbane, we have enough confident we are the best floor sander in Brisbane. We sand and polish timber floors, decks and staircases of all shapes, sizes and ages. No job is too small or too big – whether you’re after floor sanding for a large, commercial building, or just a single room in your home, your Brisbane floor sanding and polishing expert has got you covered. With years of floor sanding experience and the professional attitude,  you’ll be getting the best of the best: best service, best finish, and best customer experience. Pickup the phone or fill the form to us.

Floor Polishing brisbane

How long will it take to have my floors sanded and polyurethaned?

Depending on the size, condition of the floor and additional flooring requirements i.e. nail hole punching and filling, staining/blonding etc…

1-3 Days to complete up to 40 square metres
2-4 Days to complete between 40-80 square metres
3-5 Days to complete more than 80+ square metres


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